About the Hostel

Regunathapuram is one of the small villages in Karambakkudi taluk, Pudukkottai district in an Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated about 25 km from Thanjavur and 54 km from Pudukkottai It has been existence for 15 years. The hostel is located inside the campus. The Hostel is managed by dedicated and experienced sisters. So it is very safe and secure to women students.


Our mission is to impart higher education to the first generation girls of the periphery who are economically weak, socially backward and needy students of villages surrounded by Regunathapuram. The students of the hostel belong to different religions and denominations. As part of its ongoing mission with the aim of forming women, Auxilium College has undertaken various. One of its initiatives is to provide hostel facilities for girl students to enhance a better ambient to study.


The motto of Auxilium Hostel is "TOWARDS LIFE ABUNDANT".


The goal of the university residence is to produce in a Salesian atmosphere, intellectually enlightened, spiritually inspired, emotionally balanced, morally upright, socially committed, accomplished – in a word – integrally formed young women who will be agents of social transformation in today’s India.

Auxilium Hostel was established in the year 2008 with a meager strength of few students. The Hostel has 57 rooms and 2 big halls which can accommodate a total of 350 students. Nearly 1200 students passed and went from this university residence. The percentage of a pass and the placements are the ocular evidence of success. Currently there are 300 inmates who come from different places and background and form one family without any distinction on the basis of rich and poor or caste, colour and religion. Thus it is a common and united endeavour to help the students to be physically fit, intellectually alert, morally upright, emotionally integrated, socially aware and religiously oriented persons.

The amenities available for the hostellers include: Spacious, airy, bright, well-ventilated rooms with mosquito mesh windows and broad corridors, Rooms and dormitories with cots, fans, racks, lockers, tables, chairs, clean drinking water facility, daily sanitized water closets and bathing rooms with running water facility. Entertainment and recreational facilities, indoor and outdoor games, counseling and an infirmary are available.

An aesthetically designed spacious place of worship-a place of peace and serenity-is open to all. First Aid facility is available in the hostel The rooms and study Halls are furnished with table, chair, cot and fan. The hostel is located inside the campus. So it is very safe and secure to women students.

Hostel Life

The homely, serene and formative surroundings in the Hostels bring about a closely-knit family-like atmosphere where the young experience being in a home away from home. The well-furnished hostel blocks with provision for study, God-experience, rest, relaxation, recreation, music and cultural activities are made maximum use by the hostellers.

The calm, clean, and green environment provides an ambient conducive for study. Besides, they receive ample opportunities to develop their personality and leadership skills. The harmonious living together of hundreds of young people belonging to various cultural, social, religious, communal and linguistic groups is an evident sign of the success of Don Bosco’s style of education, namely the Preventive System.


The hostel provides accommodation and nutritious food for all the students. The Hostel provides Messes , Dining halls with a kitchen. The vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Mess are available. It has a modern, spacious and clean kitchen with facilities for steam cooking. Reading cum Library Room, Music Room, Television Room, Prayer cum Meeting Hall are the other facilities of the hostel.
  • Breakfast : 7.450 am. to 8.45 am.
  • Lunch : 1.00 am. To 1.40 pm.
  • Supper : 7.30 pm. To 8.00 pm.

Rules And Regulations Of The Hostel

Auxilium College of Education, Regunathapuram has been a pioneer in serving the students community in higher education for the past 15 years. It is a Salesian Institution and St. Don Bosco is the founder and St. Mary Mazzarello is a Co- founderess of Salesian Congregation. Rules and regulations have been formulated by the College Administration for the smooth functioning of the hostels. The parents, guardians and the students are expected to fulfill certain criteria conscientiously in order to make this place a good stay to everybody. Students of Auxilium Hostel are expected to read the following guidelines carefully.

General Instructions


  1. Admission is given only to those students who pursue their studies in Auxilium College , Regunathapuram.
  2. Students are expected to download the application from the College Website or directly can come to college and apply for the Admission.
  3. Admission to Auxilium Hostel is only for ONE year and students need to apply in April to renew their admission for the following academic year. Depending on the performance in academics, participation in cultural programmes, sports, volunteering services, maintaining discipline, and keeping a minimum of 80% attendance in college, the application will be considered positively.
  4. Students are expected to bring their parents or guardians during the admission process.
  5. The warden sister decides the rooms where the students are going to stay.
  6. The Director and the Assistant Directors have the discretion to inspect any room at any time.
  7. Establishment Fee, Mess Fee and Others

  8. Students are expected to pay the establishment fee Rs.6300/- as they get admission to the Auxilium Hostel.
  9. Students are expected to pay the Mess Fee Rs. 2000/- Second Sunday of every month to the Mess In charge.
  10. There is no reduction in Mess Fee when students take leave without the permission of warden sister and the Assistant warden.
  11. There is no refund of establishment fee if students happen to leave the hostel for any reason during the Academic year.
  12. If students indulge in damaging things in the rooms or any hostel property they will be asked to pay for the compensation for the damage caused. When not identified the person who caused the damage all the students will be asked to pay for the compensation for the damage caused.
  13. Time Table

  14. All the Catholic students are expected to attend Mass at 7.00 am in the Chapel and participate in all the spiritual activities in the Campus.
  15. All the non-Catholic students are expected to have their prayer at 7.00am in their respective places.
  16. Students are not allowed to go outside the hostel after 6.p.m to 6.30a.m.
  17. After the goodnight talk all the students are expected to keep silence till morning 7.30 am.
  18. The lights are switched off at 10.30pm.
  19. Every Month the second Saturday and Sunday all the students are expected to go home.
  20. All the students those who go home or go outside the hostel are expected to return by 6.00 pm.
  21. Permission

  22. All the students are asked to get permission from the Warden sister or Assistant Warden when they go out of the hostel or go home.
  23. All the students are expected to get prior permission from the Warden sister if they are absent for the classes in the College.
  24. Academic

  25. All the students are expected to maintain a good academic record.
  26. All the students are advised to keep a minimum of 80 % of attendance in college.
  27. All the students are advised to complete 30 hours of Library Visit in two semesters and they should have read at least 5 Books which includes Fiction, Non-Fiction, Novels, and Motivational Books.
  28. There is no admission in the hostel for all those students who do not clear all the arrears at the end of year.
  29. Hostel Activities

  30. All the students are asked not to waste food in the Mess and it is considered serious offense.
  31. All the students are expected to be polite and cordial towards the workers in the hostel and the Mess.
  32. All the students are expected to participate in cultural programmes and sports conducted in the hostel.
  33. All the students are expected to participate in volunteering services for common hostel functions and activities, such as Decoration etc.
  34. All the students are expected to be present for the Good Night Talk at 8.30 pm.
  35. The students/ Parents are expected to park their vehicles in the entrance of our College Gate .

    Covid 19 SOP

  36. Students are advised to follow the COVID 19 Standard Operating Procedure as directed by the Government.
  37. Open windows and doors whenever possible to make sure the rooms in the hostel are well ventilated.
  38. Masks are effective if worn properly fitted, covering mouth and nose. Masks should be discarded and changed if they become physically damaged or soaked.
  39. Provision for hand wash & sanitizer at all entry and exit points and common areas are kept. Students are advised to sanitize their hands before entry.
  40. Termination

  41. The management reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of the student for any wilful disobedience or defiance of authority, non-observance or frequent violation of hostel rules, causing damage to person or property or indulging in anti-national or undesirable activities. Therefore, students are expected to strictly adhere to the guidelines as instructed.
  42. Admission will be DENIED if a student falls into any of the following category:

    • Breaking the Rule of Silence during Silence Hour (8.30 pm to Next Day 7.30 a.m)
    • Frequent movements during Silence Hour
    • Visiting friends’ rooms during Silence hour
    • Staying in other students’ room at Night
    • Gathering Friends and chatting during Silence Hour
    • Sitting in groups in hostel premises during Silence Hour
    • Having less than 80 % attendance in college
    • Having Arrears on the date of application
    • Non Participation in Cultural programmes and Sports
    • Non-involvement in Volunteering Services for Common Functions and Activities
    • Leaving the hostel premises without the permission of the Warden Sister
    • Coming late to the Hostel without the permission of the warden Sister
    • Absent for common functions such as, Cultural Programmes, Sports, Hostel Day, etc.
    • Catholic students being absent for Holy Mass, Adoration, Rosary and other spiritual activities.
    • Hosting Birthday Celebrations in hostel premises or inside rooms
    • Gang Rivalry
    • Suspended from the college on disciplinary issues
    • Detained from the college due to lack of attendance
    • Troublesome and Quarrelsome with the inmates
    • Violent behaviour
    • Whistling and shouting during common functions
    • Use of Iron, Kettles, and any forbidden Electronic Items
    • Forgery of signatures in signing the signature note and other documents
    • Non Participation in Extra Curricular activities
    • Violation of Rules even after repeated warnings from the warden sister
    • Bringing Day Scholars/friends from other colleges/Guests to Rooms
    • Canvassing Student Union Election in Hostel
    • Involving in Malpractice during Tests and Exams
    • Bringing outside foods inside hostel
    • Sticking posters, banners and pictures on the walls of rooms or any other place in the hostel
    • Breaking hostel property
    • Stealing others’ Property
    • Turning on the Lights and Fans when you go out of your room
    • Staying inside rooms during Prayer
    • Violating the Rules as instructed by the warden/Assistant Warden

Instruction To Parents

Parents and guardians are asked to follow the student’s progress in studies and her general conduct in and outside the college. Their cooperation is expected to ensure a regular attendance and academic progress. They are asked to cooperate with the college authorities in the formation of their children /wards. Kindly attend the Parent Teachers meeting and when called by the college authorities. Visit regularly the college website www. or any information.